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Biobanking and Laboratory Assistant Application (LABA) is an all-around software solution for laboratories in biomedicine. It offers one login to access biobanking, storage facilities, reagent repository, e-lab diary and protocols. Thus, LABA helps the lab to know which reagents, chemicals and biobanking samples are available, where they are stored and how they should be used.

LABA – biobanking and LIMS Key Features

Storage facilities

Locate stored material and free space in virtual copies of lab refrigerators, freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks

Custom refrigerators


Manage biobanks of clinical biospecimens by relating samples to patient, diagnostic and storage data

Clinical samples

Reagents, cells, animals

Keep tracks of chemicals, cells and animals, their amounts and optimal usage or maintenance details


Knowledge base

Standardise procedures in the lab and accumulate knowledge of scientific methods

Scientific and administrative protocols

  • Contacts of producers, suppliers and services easy to create, find and update

Ordering, Receipt & Depot

Facilitate ordering logistic with the stepwise LABA market system

From wish list to purchase order and project balance

E-lab diary

Simplify keeping records of experiments and associated analyses

Private, shared and archived experiments

  • Defined access to experiments

  • Experiment description with option to add applied cell lines, animals and reagents

  • Unlimited analyses added to experiment

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